Our Services

  • Chemical Dependency Assessment

    Chemical Dependency Assessment

    Through interview, questionnaires, and testing, we provide assessments for a variety of chemical dependency problems. Some of these services may be covered by your insurance while others, such as some test measures and written reports, will require self-pay.

  • Consultation, Training, and Psychoeducational Groups

    Consultation, Training, and Psychoeducational Groups

    We provide consultation as well as training and psycho-educational classes in areas such as Mindfulness, Conquering Insomnia, Creative Aging, The Bounce Back Resiliency Training Program, Gestalt Theory and Methodology, Satir Systems Therapy, Meditation, Men’s Issues, and Women’s Issues. We also…

  • Critical Incident Response

    Critical Incident Response

    A critical incident is any sudden or unexpected traumatic event that affects people’s emotional lives, feelings of safety, and ability to cope. It might be a robbery or assault that occurred; a sudden accident or death, murder or suicide, downsizing…

  • Psychotherapy Services

    Psychotherapy Services

    We provide individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy to a diverse population. Daytime, evening and Saturday appointments are available.