Taste Everything

“Taste everything, swallow only that which fits your wisdom box.” (Virginia Satir, 1984)

Are you blessed with an adventuresome spirit? If not, you can still develop a “try it” attitude. Now I’m not talking about just tasting foods or beverages but trying all kinds of new experiences. Someone once told me, “The risks you take help define you.” Venturing outside my comfort zone can be exhilarating too. I use my wisdom box to check inside and notice what fits and what does not.

  • In China I tried tasting duck tongue. Yuk, that did not fit for me. I spit it out.
  • I tried scuba diving in Belize. That fit for me. I’m an avid diver now.
  • I listened to some feedback from several colleagues. I took what fit and returned all of the rest.
  • I traveled to Europe by myself. That fit for me but I find I enjoy having a traveling companion. That fits better.
  • I listened to a friend’s favorite music piece. I was transported to another dimension. That fit. I’m hooked on Native flute music now.
  • I tried a new way of making meatloaf. That fit my taste buds but not my waistline.
  • I bought a silly hat and wore it. That fit my playful side. I’ll look for other places to wear it now.
  • I created a DVD. That was a lot of work but I enjoyed the creative process and
  • challenge.

Some people get stuck in routines or have a narrow range of what they will try.

I read somewhere about a road sign in Alaska that read, “Be careful what rut you get into, it could go on for hundreds of miles.” Are you in a rut in your life somewhere? Is it time to free your energy and break some unspoken rule? Can you stretch yourself in some way? Take a risk? Do something out of character? Taste something new, take a risk, add zest to your life!

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