Enhancing Self Esteem

When people tell me they have low self-esteem, I recognize this belief as a flat out  bias against self and this motivates me to try to help the person to move from this global self-condemnation of self to a more detailed look at the components of self and our evaluations of each of the parts.  My goal is achieve a more balanced assessment of self, and, perhaps, a more generous view of self.  We all have parts of us that need improvement.  That is part of being human. No one is perfect.  I believe that one of my primary goals in life to be a “better citizen” in life.   I think this a central way that life has meaning for me, first, in the relationship I have with myself and how I grow and expand myself, and, in how I treat other people.   We are all in process until the day we die. As Virginia Satir would say, “We are half-baked!”

I developed the book, Enhancing Self-Esteem, to give you, the reader some ideas and tools to examine how you see yourself, how you became the way you are, and to learn some tools you can use to grow parts of you that need developing and to better utilize your strengths. This book is all about expanding your awareness, developing your skills and recognizing your choices. I am hoping that Enhancing Self-Esteem will help you turn on the lights to a deeper, more compassionate view of yourself.

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