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Taste Everything

Are you blessed with an adventuresome spirit? If not, you can still develop a “try it” attitude. Now I’m not talking about just tasting foods or beverages but trying all kinds of new experiences. Someone once told me, “The risks you take help define you.” Venturing outside my comfort zone can be exhilarating too. I use my wisdom box to check inside and notice what fits and what does not.

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Sameness and Differentness

What unites people all over the world is our core sameness. Let me make this clear to those of you who are reading this. We are all the same in many ways. We have red blood cells, our heads are on top and our feet are at the bottom, and so on. Sameness forms the structure of a relationship; sameness is the foundation, the glue which unites us with one another. From this foundation we can move and grow. But sameness is not enough.

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Resources That Never Get Downsized

It’s become a sadly familiar story–struggling corporations that face weak markets shed workers and close facilities in order to stay afloat and increase profits. But there is one “human resource” that will never face downsizing—your Self.

Each of us is born with a basic set of fantastic inner resources. Satir called these basic tools the SELF-ESTEEM MAINTENANCE TOOL KIT. You may be aware of some of the tools in this kit, while others may be less familiar. And sometimes—particularly under stress—we may lose sight of these resources altogether. Once you are aware of them, you can practice using these tools to solve problems, chart new territory and recognize your choices. Fortunately, the Self grows in capacity over time as you add resources to your stockpile, enabling you to better manage the unpredictable nature of external changes.

Although the icons symbolizing the tools may change, the tools are universals which cross cultures, age and gender. The purpose of this toolkit is to remind us of our resources so that we can better utilize them, boosting our performance and becoming more versatile in our responses.

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